Focused on voice calls and high-quality sound reproduction, Signature uses refined technology to deliver simply superb acoustics.

Crystal-clear Sound
Whether you’re making or receiving calls, Signature gives you crystal-clear voice clarity, so you don’t miss a thing.


Providing you with a high powered, voice-centric phone; the Signature collection offers:

  • True global roaming with Quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz and WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz support.
  • Improved coverage within China, supporting all 3 mobile operators.
  • Additional 3G bands supported in USA.
  • Bluetooth & Wireless LAN functionality when connecting to other devices or accessories.
  • Over-the-air phone software updates for peace of mind.


The Signature collection boasts a Linux engine platform, broader network capabilities and enhanced wireless connectivity as well as the following features:

  • Vertu Sync solution to synchronises contacts and calendar entries between Android or iOS devices.
  • Anti-spam calling feature (within China only).
  • Microsoft® Exchange Email support.
  • WiFi Hotspot tethering.


Signature is composed of the strongest materials, handcrafted to withstand the toughest possible conditions.

  • As with every Vertu your Signature is protected by a screen of scratch-resistant sapphire, the second-hardest natural material after diamond.
  • The Signature’s keys are tested with over one million presses – the equivalent of making 20 calls a day, every day, for over 10 years.
  • Constructed of resilient ceramic, similar to the material used in the disc brakes of sports cars, the Signature pillow earpiece is incredibly tough while smooth and comfortable.


As is appropriate for a masterpiece of handmade craftsmanship, Signature comes with exclusive ring tones and alert tones. Created for Vertu by renowned composers and performed by the world- famous London Symphony Orchestra these exclusive sounds are a distinct expression of your individuality.